Buch From Rider To Horseman

Buch From Rider To Horseman
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From Rider To Horseman  What’s the difference between a horseback rider and a horseman?... mehr
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From Rider To Horseman

 What’s the difference between a horseback rider and a horseman? Simply put, it’s the little things, according to accomplished horseman Richard Winters.

Most riders know enough basic skills to stay in their saddles, and that’s enough for many. Other riders are future horsemen and -women in training, constantly striving to improve their horsemanship skills.

With only four pages per chapter, From Rider to Horseman is designed as a user-friendly reference. Want to manage your reins well or improve your horse’s stop? Simply turn to the appropriate chapter. Each brief essay with color photographs is designed for a quick read before you go to the barn. Make the most of your riding time and enjoy your journey from rider to horseman.

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