Buch Understanding Lameness, Terry Swanson

Buch Understanding Lameness, Terry Swanson
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  Understanding Lameness, Terry Swanson By Terry Swanson, DVM with Heidi Nyland... mehr
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 Understanding Lameness, Terry Swanson

By Terry Swanson, DVM
with Heidi Nyland

Lameness, the most common infirmity of the horse, eventually touches nearly all horse owners. In this book, noted lameness expert Dr. Terry Swanson, guides you through the degrees of lameness and the effects of injury on your horse's future health and serviceability. From hoof abcesses, white-line disease and navicular syndrome to laminitis, ringbone and soft-tissue injuries, you will learn to regognize the symptoms, which diagnostic tools are most beneficial and the types of treatment that will put your horse on the road to recovery. Filled with color photos, radiographs and illustrations, Understanding Lameness is a must-have for any serious horseman or horsewoman. 216 pages including glossary.

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