Buch Ride Smarter, By Craig Cameron

Buch Ride Smarter, By Craig Cameron
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Ride Smarter, By Craig Cameron  C raig Cameron's original book, Ride Smart , has been... mehr
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Ride Smarter, By Craig Cameron

 Craig Cameron's original book, Ride Smart, has been one of Western Horseman's
best-selling titles. Craig's no-nonsense approach and easygoing teaching style have
proven to be very popular with students and book buyers alike. In Ride Smarter,
this follow-up to the original, readers will learn to further develop their horsemanship
skills and continue on the road to becoming true horsemen and -women. Some of the
topics covered include;
going beyond the snaffle, the art of disciplining your horse, how
to create a brave horse, cross-training between the arena and the trail, and many more.


Written with the assistance of Western Horseman managing editor Susan Morrison and

photographed by publisher Darrell Dodds, this book is important for any riders who really
want to improve their skills and have a better riding experience.

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