Buch The Art of Hackamore Training

Buch The Art of Hackamore Training
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Authors: Al Dunning and Benny Guitron with Deanna Lally Photography by Robert Dawson... mehr
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Authors: Al Dunning and Benny Guitron with Deanna Lally

Photography by Robert Dawson

Old-time California vaqueros left a fine legacy to horsemen today—the bridle horse,

the ultimate in finesse and control. Time-tested practices passed from generation to
generation go into the making of a bridle horse, and hackamore training is an important
step in the process. To understand the hackamore and its use is to understand its history,
origin, and development, as well as the use of such equipment as the bosal, mecate, and more.


No two men are more qualified to provide fresh insight into hackamore skills than Al Dunning
and Benny Guitron, who, as young men, learned hackamore horsemanship from the masters.
These two multiple world champions have claimed numerous titles in American Quarter
Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association, and National Cutting Horse
Association competition.


In The Art of Hackamore Training, Dunning and Guitron, with the help of award-winning
Western photographer Robert Dawson and writer Deanna Lally, explain how to develop
the hackamore horse, from groundwork and key points under saddle to advanced horsemanship
maneuvers and cattle work. To Dunning and Guitron, guiding a young stock horse through
hackamore training means not only mastering such skills, but also executing them with such
proficiency that horse and rider seem to be of one mind.

With more than 150 color photographs, this book is visually stunning and destined to
become a classic in the mold of Hackamore Reinsman and Reinsman Of The West,
by legendary horseman Ed Connell.    10 chapter      136 pages

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