Ride Safe

Ride Safe
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  • 24-HFRIDE
Read fitting and care instructions before using this headgear. This headgear is designed for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ride Safe"

Read fitting and care instructions before using this headgear. This headgear is designed for equestrian use only. For maximum protection always obtain a good fit and buckle your chinstrap. This headgear is designed to meet ASTM safety standards. No headgear can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. For maximum protection, this headgear must be fitted properly and adjusted securely to the wearers head according to the fitting instructions. This headgear liner is fabricated from expanded polystyrene and is designed to absorb the shock of an impact by partial destruction of the shell and liner. Following an impact, this damage may not be visible to the user. If subjected to a severe blow, the headgear should be destroyed. This headgear should not be painted nor should decals be applied unless they are approved by the manufacturer, as they may weaken the shell structure. This headgear can be damaged by contact with common substances (for example certain solvents, cleaners, hair tonics, etc.) This damage may or may not be visible to the user when cleaning the headgear, use only mild soap and water.

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